Aflac Broker Reviews – Real Aflac Stories

Aflac Broker Reviews – Real Aflac Stories
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Review Aflac broker services. Watch this testimonial to see which products Aflac broker Arthur Grutt recommends to his clients.

Arthur: My name is Arthur Grutt, I’m partner and owner of the Cambridge Organization, which is an insurance brokerage in New York City. My primary responsibility is to work with our clients to understand their insurance needs, and work with them to develop custom tailored solutions. Everyone is looking at their budget a little bit tighter, what we continue to see are increased prices in healthcare, and more costs being shifted to employees, both in premiums as well as higher costs at the time of the doctor. Aflac has become and will continue to be more prominent in the healthcare sector to fill some of these gaps that we are seeing. The financial climate definitely affected our business in the past couple of years. Aflac through their supplemental programs, provides an additional service that we can provide our clients, the ability to have additional services like Aflac, does help in a tough economic time when revenues are depressed. One of the things that led us to recommend Aflac and work with Aflac is both the suite of products available, and we also looked at the competiveness of the pricing, so when we work with our clients to find the best solution we have been looking at Aflac to fit some of those needs. To work with one of the best insurance companies in the industry, Aflac being a highly-rated company and known for being ethical, makes consumers feel better when they decide to purchase an Aflac product. In today’s environment, brokers need to represent Aflac just because if they’re not bringing that solution to their clients, there may be another broker right behind them who will recommend Aflac to their clients, and so the value to your business as a broker is not only to protect the business that you do have but the ability to service additional clients that you may be seeking to pick up.
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