RB Options Review – Binary Options Broker Review

RB Options Review – Binary Options Broker Review
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FreeBinaryOptionSystem.com review of binary options broker, RB Options. For the full review, visit http://www.freebinaryoptionsystem.com/reviews/rb-options-review/
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  1. KingOfErehwon

    March 4, 2016 at 12:56 pm

    Don't get involved with RBOptions.  I made the mistake of signing their "bonus" agreement.  Even though I didn't authorize them to use any of their bonus money, they did apply it to my account anyway and then insisted that I would never be able to touch my deposit until I had placed trades totalling 20 or 30 times the amount of my deposit.  In other words, my deposit would be gone.  They know that most people will eventually lose all their money in trading.

    Keep in mind that any trade you make is just a trade against the "house".  They keep the full amount of your loss and a portion of your profit.  It is a great casino operation. (Remember, no trades are really placed on any exchanges, contrary to what they claim.)  What makes it different than a casino, though, is that when they get their hands on any deposit money — and if it is too large — they simply will ignore your request to get it back.  As you place trades in the beginning with them, you will see big profits if you follow their advice.  But when they see you can't cough up any more deposit money, the profits suddenly turn into losses.  Kind of like a modern Ponzi scheme.

  2. Wara Heremaia

    March 4, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    RBoptions is circulating a video  relating to their automatic thingy which I am watching with great interest,. no sooner did I deposit the minimum of $300 they were on the phone about more money for this other thing that the video did not mention. that is BONUSES. And with this auto machine there is lots of money to be made. So $300 thay have. operating now and have so far not won anything $150 left after 8hrs trading not one single win. Still watching.. all I can see is please fund your account. Ha ha ha. not me sir. still watching.

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