South Africa’s Youngest Forex Trader – Office Set-up (Moving up)

South Africa’s Youngest Forex Trader – Office Set-up (Moving up)
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I’m Just a Simple guy, Moving up to make a name and some money for myself. Not rich, but the road has great promises. See what I do on the channel. and subscribe to see more of my videos.

I am a 23 years old trader turned 24 years 18/05/2014 who has being trading Forex for the last 3 years to 4 years. And I was studying Civil Engineering And theology when I came to know of Forex and knew at that moment, that Forex was a path I wanted to take for a business and to make a living


You may not like me or what I am doing, But just respect that It is all I know (Including Theology) Lolol.


I am not a Professional trained trader and I’m not doing this video to give investment advice,but just to help you in your journey as a Forex trader. Understand the risks you put on by trading anything. And take full responsibility for them. Thanks

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