We are group of traders with proffesionall forex skills and knowledge,decided to start with forex signals because we want to help peoples who don’t have time to trade and watch market day after day

We have alot knowledge about market makers and their job ( 85% succesfull rate)and we love to do it.

With good money management and team skills we can make you rich or at least make more money with less job time.

The plan is easy, you get SMS on your mobile phone or email and enter a trade as we told you and that’s it.Only few minutes a day. Isn’t it great?

Don’t want to write anymore about whole thing, you will see results after you !
Enter SELL EUR/USD at 1.3260
tp1 1.3230 conservative

tp2 1.3200 moderate

tp3 1.3150 aggresive

If goes agains our position enter again with same lot size at 1.3300.

SL for both positions is at 1.3330.

If comes to add and goes in our directions you can close 1st pos on BE and second in profit or just leave both till tp levels it is up to you and your personality.

Thatt’s itquite simple and easy. So why bother you with talking just SUBSCRIBE for free here!!

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