Tradorax Review – Binary Options Broker – Online Trading

Tradorax Review – Binary Options Broker – Online Trading
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Tradorax is built on top of the TechFinancials platform, which is very clear and efficient, and at the end – it just works.
You will be able to trade the classis high/low binary options, while the platform also provides for the above/below trading type under the same tab. This type of trading is fairly similar to high/low, however comes with much higher payouts.
There are also the one touch, boundary and short term possibilities, with high yield options for one touch and boundary tradings. For short terms, you can choose from 60 seconds, 2 minute and 5 minute expirations.

As an added bonus, you can access economic calendar and live charts directly from the trading interface.
One of the things that make Tradorax special are indeed their excellent charts. These are far beyond what the typical broker has to offer. They include up to a full year of data, can be set to any durations, includes bars/candlesticks and have all of the standard indicators.

Tradorax offers mobile trading experience using an Android app for those who like trading on the go.

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